New UberEVENTS Program Could Help Boost Bitcoin Integration

Uber, a leading ride sharing platform, announced a new service that caters to large gatherings.

Called UberEVENTS, the option allows attendees of a conference or party to participate in prepaid rides from the venue to a drop off point of their choice.

For bitcoin enthusiasts, this could be another opportunity to use the digital currency with the app.

“When planning a company happy hour, client appreciation dinner, or even upcoming nuptials, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch—including how your guests can safely get to and from without any fuss,” explained Kimiko Ninomiya from Uber.

“We want to make the experience of planning transportation logistics as seamless as ordering a ride at the touch of button.”

To cater to the seamless ride sharing experience, all transactions happen behind the scenes. Organizers can book the service in advance and add the option to e-invites.

Businesses based in New York will be the first to try UberEVENTS, as it rolls out in the coming months.

At the moment, it’s not possible to use bitcoin directly with the app. Individuals interested in using virtual currency to pay for ride sharing services will need to go through a third-party service.

However, this could all change very soon.

Conflicting reports suggest that the brand is working on launching bitcoin payments. An Uber agent recently spilled the beans in an email, highlighting the company’s stand on the digital currency.

“As of now, Uber works with most standard credit cards. Your suggestion has already been noted and we are currently making Bitcoin work with Uber as of now,” wrote Eric, an Uber customer service representative.

Surprisingly, the establishment released a statement to CoinDesk, denying the legitimacy of the story- despite screenshots of the actual message surfacing online.

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