New UK Drug Law Leads To More Dark Web Sales

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In May, the United Kingdom approved a new law, which banned all new psychoactive substances (NPS). One interesting fact about the new legislation: it bans all substances that have an effect on the brain (there is a pre-approved list of narcotics, such as nicotine or alcohol).

As most of us know, banning drugs does not stop customers from purchasing them. According to the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) National Strategic Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime report, the sale of the NPS will most likely move to the dark web.

“Change in legislation around NPS in May 2016 effectively banning so-called ‘legal highs’ is likely to see a large increase in these drugs being offered through the dark web instead,” the report reads. The “associated probability range” of the increase could be around 75-85 percent.

It looks like the NCA’s report is accurate, there is a large number of psychoactive substances for sale on dark net markets by UK vendors. For example, spice, a synthetic cannabinoid, has become more popular in the last few months.

For instance, “SaintSymbiosis”, a UK vendor on Dream Market is advertising 7 grams of spice for 0.1094 BTC, around £50 ($66).

“This was a legal high in the UK untill

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