New York Politicos Race to Support Bitcoin

Melanie DumersThree upstate New York politicians say they’re proud to be associated with Bitcoin as Bethlehem Town Clerk candidate Melanie Dumers (R, C – Bethlehem) and Stillwater Town Council candidate Patrick Nelson (D, T – Stillwater) join Troy, NY mayoral candidate Jim Gordon (R, C, I, RE, G – Troy) in accepting Bitcoin campaign donations.

All three candidates are critical of the controversial New York State BitLicense. Two are new, but enthusiastic, Bitcoin supporters and all are ready to integrate Bitcoin acceptance or block chain technology into their local governments.

“I’ve been following Bitcoin for years,” Nelson said in an exclusive CCN interview, “and it really wasn’t a second thought that when I decided to run that we would accept bitcoin donations.”

BitLicense “Anti-Small-Business,” says Dumers

Dumers, a BitPay customer who is against the BitLicense, said in an exclusive CCN interview that she wants “to be on top of the most innovative technology” and appreciates the security and low fees offered by Bitcoin, relative to PayPal.

Gordon concurs with Dumers’s position on the BitLicense and laments New York state’s loss of small companies due to the early regulatory framework. Nelson

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