NewsBTC to Provide Bitcoin News Services in Mexico

Popular Bitcoin news media service NewsBTC has decided to expand its operations to Mexico, a step that will enable people to access the local Bitcoin news and industry updates in Spanish.

The decision to expand into the South American sector has come in response to the territory’ growing reader base, especially in Mexico. NewsBTC aims to remove the lingual barriers between Bitcoin and the people, considering most of the bitcoin news services today report the events in English. According to the website’s chief, Mr. Jonathan Millet, this approach holds the potential of attracting more people into the digital currency sector.

“Education starts from home,” he says. “At NewsBTC, our mission is to educate people about the innumerable benefits of payment technologies like Bitcoin, in their own language. We further want to inform them that how it can vastly improve their unbanked status, reduce cost burdens on cross border transactions, and — none the least — empower them financially from the core.”

And indeed, Mexico is one such market that has been proving itself a haven for the Bitcoin adoption. The country’s population is highly dependent on the remittence it receives from its diaspora across the globe. Bitcoin literally saves these people

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