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Amid the birth and death of many Bitcoin clones, we sometime hear about exceptions that are actually looking to bring innovation to the digital currency space. The current limitations of Bitcoin have open doors for many of such developers. One among them is Mourad Ilyes Mlik, a DevOps engineer at Netis d.o.o., who is also heading the development of CreditBit.

NewsBTC recently got the opportunity to speak with Mourad, as he explained how CreditBit – as a digital currency and payment protocol – is looking to provide solutions to Bitcoin’s current limitations. Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

Yashu: How would you explain CreditBit to a Bitcoin follower?

creditbit, bitcoin, crytocurrency, hybrid pow/pos

creditbit, bitcoin, crytocurrency, hybrid pow/pos

Mourad: The differences between Creditbit and Bitcoin are clear and fundamental. Usually Bitcoiners claim that PoS is flawed because coins are generated from thin air or as they like to call it “no stake at stake”. This is where the PoW hybrid comes in, Credibit solves the no stake at stake by generating coins fairly using PoW for the first 6 months; it uses X11 hashing algorithm (Dash hashing algorithm) which is also

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