Nexium Powered MOBA Game Beyond a Void Launches the ICO for eSport and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Alike

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Bitcoin Press Release: The world’s initial cryptocurrency powered MOBA diversion Beyond a Void launches a Nexium ICO today.

November 1, 2016, Lyon, France – The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) diversion platform, Beyond a Void has announced a launch of a month-long Nexium (NxC) crypto token crowdsale in organisation with OpenLedger, starting currently on Nov 1, 2016. The NxC tokens are combined to encourage a blockchain-token economy in eSports and beyond. With a introduction of NxC, Beyond a Void aims to turn a initial rival real-time plan (RTS) MOBA diversion to mix blockchain formed ICO with blockchain token economy. The NxC tokens are corroborated by a intelligent agreement on a Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike other in-game cryptocurrencies, Beyond a Void’s NxC charity allows players and investors to possess a diversion height itself, alongside a diversion developers. With Nexium ICO, Beyond a Void now binds a eminence of rising a world’s initial MOBA ICO. The diversion height has already perceived widespread approval in dual vital financial and cryptocurrency events — Money2020 and BitAngels CoinAgenda. Beyond a Void’s beginning and OpenLedger’s joining to encourage a tellurian cryptocurrency start-ups has been media’s favorite, receiving not one but

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