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PORTAL is the “Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty”. Despite it being highly beneficial to OPSEC and it requiring just an old Raspberry Pi, it’s not that talked about.

With just one script, you can turn any old Raspberry Pi into a router specifically for the Tor network, meaning that when you’re connected to it, it will always send all of your traffic through Tor. The Raspberry Pi is a great option but it’s not the only one; You can do the same to any router with enough memory and space to install and run Tor, though that can be an issue which requires after-market hardware mods to achieve. PORTAL was created in 2012 by TheGrugq and its goal is to have you fail closed, which is the ability to fail safely behind the PORTAL, giving up no trace of your real IP. To achieve this, the PORTAL project creates a hardware separation between your computer and your WAN connection, and as a result your workstation simply doesn’t know what’s beyond your PORTAL. Your workstation cannot give up your real IP because it simply doesn’t know it.

Protection from Exploits

PORTAL sets out to ensure that all of your traffic is

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