NFC technology could let users use smartphones to pay with bitcoin – 99 Bitcoins

OneBit is on the verge of achieving a holy grail of sorts in regards to bitcoin payments. The company is developing a technology that will use “near field communication” to conduct bitcoin transfers. Near field communication has emerged as a popular payment form because it allows people to use their smartphones and other devices to make payments. Now, consumers may soon be able to use their smartphones to make payments with bitcoin.

OneBit has been working in collaboration with MasterCard and other companies to launch the technology. In fact, OneBit first pitched its idea and received startup support when it participated in a MasterCard-sponsored hackathon. OneBit CEO Toby Hoenisch was interested in bitcoin for a few years, but didn’t come up with a viable business model until he participating in the hackathon,

Initially, OneBit aimed to harness MasterCard’s PayPass technology. This tap and go technology allows people to make payments with smartphones, smartwatches, debit cards, and other enabled devices. This sort easy payment technology could make it very easy for people to use bitcoin not just online but also in the real world. The company has since expanded to enable the OneBit app to work outside of the PayPass

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