NFL Player Falls Victim To Bitcoin Scam By Joe Lemire

Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden filed suit against his business manager and financial advisor for allegedly bilking him out of some $15 million including $3 million invested in Bitcoins that carried a “guarantee” that McFadden “would not lose any money,” according to a copy of the civil complaint filed in federal court this week.

The lawsuit, which was first reported by the Associated Press, accused McFadden’s manager—named Michael Vick, although not the famous NFL player of that name—of being “unscrupulous” and “manipulating control of virtually the entirety of Plaintiff’s income and assets through a sweeping and fraudulently-induced power of attorney.” The complaint claimed Vick used McFadden’s income for his own gain and went “so far as to fabricate fictirous transactions, records and spreadsheets” to conceal Vick’s pervasive and widespread theft and management.

McFadden told the Dallas Morning News that Vick was “an old family friend that we knew growing up forever and ended up trusting him to do my finances and it didn’t work out right for me. It’s just one of those deals with me as a young guy I wasn’t on top of my finances like I should have been and I trusted somebody to

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