NiceHash – The Simple, Cheap, No-Contract Hashpower Marketplace You Must Know About

Established in April 2014, NiceHash is the most advanced yet very simple, cheap cryptocurrency cloud mining, hashpower rental service that brings buyers and sellers together without any contracts.

The company is able to provide excellent value-added services to miners, cryptocurrency traders and investors using CloudFlare web protection and acceleration as well as the security of BitGo deposit wallets.

During the recent Bitcoin spam attack which exposed the weakness of the cryptocurrency network, NiceHash announced that it will pay higher fees to BitGo for its transactions in order to speed up the payout process.

  • Place Your Orders – Interested parties can take a look at the latest hashing power buy orders in the Live Marketplace. Users can easily place a new order after logging in.
  • Rock-bottom Prices – Buyers can have access to massive mining power at prices dropping to as low as $1/GHs. They will never be charged for dead or faulty configured rigs. Auto-manage facility is also provided via API or NiceHashBot.
  • Seller’s DelightSelling hashpower is now as simple as using a multipool, but be rest assured that the payout will be more than what any other multipool pays. Users are paid on pure no-risk PPS reward system i.e. paid in Bitcoin for every submitted share. No contracts needed.
  • Informed Decisions with Detailed Statistics – Get access to a detailed statistical representation which presents the average payrate for the selected timespan, the current payout, and hashing speed. Choose from a variety of algorithms including Scrypt, SHA256, X11, Keccak, Nist5, WhirlpoolX and others.

The online hashpower marketplace also provides a list of recommended pools including, Mining Pool Hub,, H2C, and others for the convenience of its buyers.

So, in case you are wondering how to buy a huge amount of mining power at pocket-friendly prices, simply register with NiceHash and start mining. Sellers are not required to create an account. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012