Niklas Nikolajsen: “European Banks Will Soon Offer Bitcoin Accounts”

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It would be kind of engaging when banks around a creation start to offer Bitcoin accounts really soon. That is what Bitcoin Suisse owner Niklas Nikolajsen feels will occur in a entrance years. Traditional bank accounts that can also be denominated in cryptocurrency sounds kind of engaging on paper, despite it is puzzled that thought is even feasible.

It is loyal Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper options compared to traditional finance. This is causing some panic among bankers, as they will need to residence this plea earlier rather than later. Doing so is a lot harder than anticipated, that explains their try into blockchain record in new years.

Niklas Nikolajsen Has An Exciting Vision

But if it were adult to Bitcoin Suisse owner Niklas Nikolajsen, things will come to change shortly. Albeit his prophesy might sound a tad unrealistic, it proposes an engaging future. In his opinion, European banks will start to offer Bitcoin accounts really soon.

Nikolajsen did not exhibit that banks he had in mind, though. The usually thing he mentioned is how this would “not be an outlandish bank”. Such a matter leaves most to a imagination, that might have been his

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