NIST Starts Developing Quantum-Resistant Cryptography Standards

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The way we think about encryption is starting to change, and NIST is working on making cryptography resistant to quantum computing. New cryptographic algorithms are needed, and Bitcoin developers need to start preparing for the future as well.

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Quantum Computing Threatens Cryptography Algorithms

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Technology is advancing at an accelerated pace, and the future of quantum computing is looking brighter every month. But at the same time, this presents a new threat to existing cryptographic standards, as quantum computing is starting to separate the current algorithms. As is always the case in these scenarios, it is important to stay ahead of the curve, rather than solving problems after they arise.

For every advancement made in the world of technology, new issues arise that need to be addressed. Quantum computing is a significant milestone in the history of computational power, but it is also a powerful force that should not be wielded without considering the consequences. One of these consequences results in addressing the current cryptography standards and coming up with new solutions.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, known as NIST, is embarking on a trip into

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