No Man’s Sky Website Accepts Bitcoin Payments For Pre-orders

The gaming industry is slowly starting to appreciate the value Bitcoin can bring to the table. No Man’s Sky, an exploration game many people are excited about, can be pre-ordered with Bitcoin. Quite an interesting concept for a game that will be coming to both PS4 and PC in a few weeks from now.

No Man’s Sky Bitcoin Pre-order

There are many opportunities to buy video games with Bitcoin these days. The Steam platform recently integrated a Bitcoin option into their offering. Companies such as Kinguin and G2A have also started to accept Bitcoin payments a few months ago. All in all, there is a good relationship between gaming and Bitcoin so far.

The No Man’s Sky team decided to take things one step further and accept Bitcoin payments directly. Albeit this is only possible for the PC version right now – it will be a Steam game, after all – it is quite interesting to see the developers openly advertise the Bitcoin option. When looking at the payment page, hit the “More’ button next to the payment options, and Bitcoin will appear.

This whole ordeal looks and feels very similar to how Humble Bundle

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