No, Opera is Not Considering Bitcoin Integration

How Sloppy Journalism Hurts Bitcoin

Cointelegraph’s Joseph Young recently penned an article entitled “Opera Browser May Consider Integrating Bitcoin, Implements Built-in Adblock” implying that there is some news to report relating Bitcoin and Opera.

There is no news to report about Opera and Bitcoin. The article is a part of a growing trend from the less reputable segments of Bitcoin Journalism. Their practice are potentially harming bitcoin’s reputation among companies and observers.

Young’s article has several issues. The native Ad-blocking features were released in May, but being slow on the news cycle is far from the article’s most egregious sin. The entire piece is a fantasy concocted in Young’s head and broadcast to the world by CoinTelegraph’s platform.

The evidence presented in the article was flimsy to begin with, but was later outright denied by the same source. Young directly asked Opera on Twitter if they would consider Bitcoin integration similar to what Brave promised earlier this year. They simply replied by asking what platform he would like to see the feature on, mobile or desktop.

Based on that, Young wrote opened his article with “The team behind Opera, […] may consider integrating Bitcoin after introducing a built-in Adblock feature in its newest release.” reading

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