Nocks Offers Multiple Tools To Make Bitcoin Payments Easier


Making Bitcoin more convenient for the everyday consumer is not an easy task to accomplish. In order to adhere to Bitcoin’s true decentralized nature, there should be no need to rely on third-party services whatsoever. That being said, most of the Bitcoin accessibility tools are created by third parties, which is not a bad thing for now. Nocks is one of those tools that aim to make life in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency a bit easier.

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Nocks – An Agile Payments Platform for BitcoinBitcoinist_Nocks_BitcoinBitcoinist_Nocks_Bitcoin

Even though it has become increasingly easy to spend Bitcoins for goods and services in both the online and offline world, there is always room for more tools to help novice users on their way. With that thought in mind, Roel Buerra and Patrick Kivits, two Dutch entrepreneurs, set out on a mission to make Bitcoin more accessible to people who barely know how a browser works.

As a result, they have come up

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