Non-Bitcoin Blockchains ‘Disrespectful to Satoshi,’ Says Sztorc

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Projects that re-invent the Bitcoin blockchain are “like adding a fifth wheel to a car” and “disrespectful to Satoshi Nakamoto,” says Hivemind and Drivechain founder Paul Sztorc.

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‘Giant Graveyard of Projects’

The creator of the two Bitcoin sidechain projects made the remarks about non-Bitcoin blockchains in an interview with Tuur Demeester of Adamant Research a few days ago.

Satoshi Nakamoto already solved the problems that prevented earlier cryptocurrency experiments from succeeding, Sztorc said. Furthermore, Satoshi and other bitcoiners had put years of hard work and sacrifice into building and securing the network.

Sztorc has a long track record of criticizing altcoins and has made controversial statements on the subject in the past.

When asked why he decided to build Hivemind, a decentralized prediction market formerly known as Truthcoin, on a sidechain instead of an entirely new platform, he said, “I don’t understand the people who don’t build on Bitcoin, it was always obvious to me.”

He referred to the “gigantic graveyard of projects” by people who thought they could make a better blockchain. They ignored what Satoshi had already written and believed they could make something better with minor improvements, like a shorter block confirmation time.

“There’s a long path of hubris,” Sztorc said, “where you think

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