North Carolina Bitcoin Bill Forces Companies To Put Up Hefty Bond

Bitcoin regulation and legislation will remain a hot topic for many years to come, as various governments around the world are trying to figure out the best approach to this matter. In the United States, however, several regulatory actions are under way already, and a Bitcoin Bill for the state of North Carolina has come one step closer to completion.

The North Carolina Bitcoin Bill

In May of 2015, the Bitcoin Bill was passed in the North Carolina House of Representatives.  Ever since that date, it was a matter of time before the Senate Commerce Committee either gave its approval or rejected the proposal.  Late last night, news broke that the bill has received a stamp of approval, bringing the world one step closer to regulatory and legislative action against digital currency in North Carolina.

Similar to how Bitcoin is being treated in other US states-  most notably in New York with its BitLicense – the North Carolina Money Transmitter Act will need to undergo some changes. This Bitcoin Bill aims to bring that proposed change to the table, in the form of an addendum that covers “any activity involving a personal, family

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