Notorious Bitcoin Ransom Group Strikes Again, Hacks NCA Website

Bitcoin ransom group Lizard Squad has claimed that the recent hacking of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) official website was executed by its members.

The affirmation came in a tweet on the group’s official Twitter page, in which it is seen mocking the UK government agency with a picture of a hat-supporting pipe-smoking lizard, inscribed with a text that says “Stressed Out”. Further attached in tweet is the link of the NCA’s website. The tweet was published today.

Lizard Squad is notoriously known for its involvement in deploying DDoS attacks on various companies via its official tool “Lizard Stresser”. Its most celebrated preys has been the Playstation, Malaysia Airlines, Xbox and Taylor Swift, a famous pop singer. Any common person with a little Bitcoin in his/her online wallet can purchase the said tool, and feel like a hacker.

The NCA office, however, hasn’t confirmed to have faced any online attack from Lizard Stresser tool. As we further checked, their website was functioning smoothly at the time of writing. It might be possible that the website was down only for few hours, but still left a little smirk of triumph on the hacking group’s face.

Bitcoin Extortionists Held

The NCA had recently arrested six

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