Now Access Blockchain Using Any Phone with smsBlockChain

We have been seeing a drastic increase in the smartphone penetrations across the globe. These smartphones have replaced feature phones from the hands of people, which in addition to improved data connections has made smartphones the primary point of access to the internet.

Bitcoin is a product of the internet, and is rightly called the currency of the internet. We need internet to make any Bitcoin transaction across the globe. Blockchain, the ledger for Bitcoin transactions is also available on the internet.

SMS, the short for Short Messaging Service has become the thing of the past, as we now use instant messengers like WhatsApp and WeChat for communicating between one another. In the Bitcoin community, the use of SMS has till now been limited only for sending alerts and for two factor authentication, but not anymore. A new service called smsBlockChain has found one more use for the SMS in the cryptocurrency sector.

smsBlockChain allows users to access full Blockchain information with one simple text message. The service eliminate the need for internet to access to analyse the information associated with Bitcoin wallet addresses on the Blockchain. All it takes is a simple text message to

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