NSA’s Equation Group Hacking Tools Available for a Million Bitcoins

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The hacker just became the hacked. A known offshoot of the National Security Agency responsible for conducting cyber-attacks across the world has been targeted by a group of unknown hackers. According to reports, a bunch of hacking tools used by the NSA’s Equation Group for conducting cyber-attacks were dumped online recently by the hackers who allegedly made way into their systems.

The publicly dumped files include malware, private exploits, installation scripts, configurations for Command Control servers and other hacking tools. The unknown hacking group is calling itself the Shadow Brokers. The files dumped by them is claimed to be legitimate by few cyber security experts who got the chance to analyze them. The Shadow Brokers claim that the files they released is just the tip of an iceberg and they are willing to sell the rest to the highest bidder. They have expressed their intention to sell it in an auction where anyone who bids 1 million bitcoins will be getting NSA’s bag of tricks.

It is widely believed that the Equation Group is a secretive, dangerous organization within the National Security Agency who have access to sophisticated tools and techniques for compromising cybersecurity. It is speculated that the

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