Nxt: The Original Bitcoin 2.0 Platform With Smart Contracts, Decentralized Crowdfunding, Open Source and 18 Months of Development


Bitcoin Press Release: With over 18 months of development, The non-profit Nxt Foundation is gratified to announce many disruptive business and financial applications of Nxt’s blockchain technology: including trustless intelligent contracts, decentralized crowdfunding, a clever open source ethos and more.

Nxt is different. While there are many players in a cryptocurrency 2.0 field, Nxt has several pivotal elements that set it detached from a others.

First and foremost, Nxt is a self-sufficient system. Many other projects count on a blockchain implemented and confirmed by an outmost party, customarily Bitcoin. Nxt is a finish and self-contained complement in itself. As any business owners knows, being contingent on a third celebration for an essential partial of their business indication introduces nonessential risk.

This is because Nxt chose not to piggyback on an outmost blockchain over that it has no control, though has built all of the facilities onto the possess blockchain. This also means that Nxt developers can fast and simply emanate new facilities while progressing a awake system, but wanting to deliberate with an outmost blockchain provider.

Secondly, Nxt has a plain and secure lane record. The Nxt blockchain has

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