Oak Creek Credit Card Scheme Busted By Police

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The United States Secret Service arrested two men, Bradley Beauge and James Pierre, in the Red Roof Inn Hotel in Oak Creek. The two men were charged with the crime of credit card cloning.

According to law enforcement authorities, the carders printed their own names on the credit cards, however, the cards were linked back to the victims’ bank accounts. The local police found out of the scheme when they had a complaint from the Red Roof Inn Hotel. After they responded to the request, they found “numerous cards” with the same name, and then found a “credit card cloning device.”

Paul Hager, a spokesman for Information Technology Professionals made this statement:

“Cloners or carders go about purchasing card numbers they usually do this on the dark web or the deep web.”

He also explained that many criminals (carders) use the “dark web” to buy credit information in bundles and bulk.

“This is a separate internet or from the internet that most people are browsing,” he also said.

According to the police, the two arrested carders were using a “card making machine” for cloning the credit cards. They put the credit card information that they bought from dark net markets and put their own

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