Ocean Colonisation Project Marinea Sees Bitcoin As The Future

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The Marinea beginning is an intriguing concept. The people using this plan see a destiny of amiability on a sea, rather than on land. Organising a encampment during sea will be a difficult challenge, though, as an infrastructure for commerce needs to be created. Interestingly enough, they see Bitcoin as a answer to those problems, as all else has many drawbacks.

Using Bitcoin To Colonise The Oceans

It has to be said; a Marinea project is a bit utopian. Colonising a oceans seems like an unfit charge right now, despite it is not doubtful we will have to try into a sea during some point. The race keeps growing, and we are using out of land to accommodate critical and flourishing food. With two-thirds of a earth being an ocean, there are opportunities watchful to be explored.

Marinea will be a initial encampment during sea, located in a pleasant paradise. However, this whole encampment needs to be self-sustaining, but assistance from a outward world. Expanding a encampment is equally important. Moreover, a thought has to be replicable to emanate some-more villages during sea. Commerce plays a critical purpose in all of this as well, that creates even more

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