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wolfstreet.com / by Wolf Richter / November 29, 2016 

How a Fed delivers.

Despite all a frothy fad about a batch market’s new highs, and a drooling currently over a new highs reached by Housing Bubble 2, surpassing a before crazy highs of Housing Bubble 1 even according to a Case-Shiller Index, and notwithstanding 8 years of super-low seductiveness rates, and a million other things that are hyped constantly, median domicile incomes, a crux of a genuine economy, is still a dull affair.

Sentier Research expelled a median domicile income measure for Oct today. Adjusted for inflation, it edged adult 0.6% from a year ago to $57,929. But it’s down 1.3% from Jan 2008, and it’s down 1.5% from a rise in 2002.

It has depressed 0.5% given January. That’s not a prosperous trend. The news put it this way: “Median annual domicile income in 2016 has not been means to say a movement that it achieved during 2015.”

This draft by Doug Short during Advisor Perspectives shows a stagnating inflation-adjusted disturbance (blue line) and a favoured income (red line):


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