OKCash New Wallet Update and Latest News

OKCASH has updated their latest wallet to version 3.0, it is important to update your wallets or you won’t be able to use your coins.

Latest updates:

Change List 09-23-2015 v3.0.0.0-core-v3

  • POS v2 system upgrade. (New Features/Security)
  • Anon System implementation. (New Features/Privacy)
  • HTML5 Wallet (New Features/Design/Tech)
  • BIP 32 (New Features/Security/HD wallets)
  • Encrypted Messages System v2 upgrade. (Security/Design)
  • Transition from “scrypt” to “SHA256” algorithm. (Performance/Security)
  • In wallet OKChain Explorer. (New Features/Tools)
  • Peers; Nodes List and details in Debug Window. (New Features/Tools)
  • In wallet Updates. (Latest Community updates shared at updates.okcash.co)
  • RewindChain command added. (New Features/Tools)
  • Bugs Fix. (Security/Performance)
  • Anon Privacy System Starts at block: 470,000
  • Annual % stake change at block: 521,257
  • POS v2 kicks in at block: 555,000

A word from the DEV:

mandatory update – soon all previous clients will stop to be accepted by the network (your coins will be safe but you wont be able to use them until you update to a v3 version).

The latest wallet update can be found here: https://github.com/okcashpro/okcash/releases/tag/v3.0.0.0-core.v3

OKCASH is still in its early phase of growth. The concept behind it is “community effort”. This coin is built by and for the community where everyone can add their own ideas/development to the coin. As a short term development and according to the OKCASH roadmap, we can expect an android wallet and possibly a game and/or IRC chat which is still being discussed by the community. If you wish to join their discussion, you can do so trough  #okcash at Freenode.