On the Bitcoin Trickle down Effect

On the Bitcoin Trickle down Effect

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Venture Capitalist firms have taken a liking to Bitcoin and invested millions of dollars into the industry in 2015, including some of Silicon Valley’s best-known venture firms.

The question is: Has there been a Bitcoin trickle down effect? But, first, let’s define a Bitcoin trickle-down effect. It’s not like Reaganomics, in the low tax, political sense.

Rather, a Bitcoin trickle-down effect is whatever the opposite of a few people accumulating and controlling all the coins and never spending them on anything that’s a net positive for anyone other than themselves.

With few people holding onto the greatest hoard of bitcoins, do those coins ultimately find their way in the hands of Bitcoin’s “poor? (who are probably actually quite rich all things considered).  In other words, are those users who do not have a bunch of coins truly making considerable money or are the Bitcoin riches being enjoyed solely by VCs, owners and

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