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On a Bitcoin Trickle down Effect

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Venture Capitalist firms have taken a fondness to Bitcoin and invested millions of dollars into a attention in 2015, including some of Silicon Valley’s best-known try firms.

The doubt is: Has there been a Bitcoin drip down effect? But, first, let’s conclude a Bitcoin trickle-down effect. It’s not like Reaganomics, in a low tax, domestic sense.

Rather, a Bitcoin trickle-down outcome is whatever a conflicting of a few people accumulating and determining all a coins and never spending them on anything that’s a net certain for anyone other than themselves.

With few people holding onto a biggest store of bitcoins, do those coins eventually find their approach in a hands of Bitcoin’s “poor? (who are substantially indeed utterly abounding all things considered).  In other words, are those users who do not have a garland of coins truly creation substantial income or are a Bitcoin cache being enjoyed only by VCs, owners and

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