One Australian Bitcoin ATM Is Not Dispensing BTC Properly

Bitcoin ATMs are often considered to be one of the most convenient ways of converting fiat to digital currency on the fly. Depending on the amount of money one wants to convert, there might be some identity verification in place, such as scanning one’s ID or driver’s license. But one Bitcoin ATM in Australia is not behaving properly, as it recently swallowed a user’s fiat currency without paying out bitcoins.

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Avoid Bitcoin ATM At Westfield’s Sydney Central PlazaTheMerkle_ABA Bitcoin ATM

Having so many Bitcoin ATMs installed all over the world should be cause for celebration, but in some cases, unforeseen events may transpire. The Bitcoin ATM located next to the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, Australia, should be avoided at all costs for the time being, as the device is not operating properly.

A report has surfaced on Reddit from a user who tried to exchange AUD$100 for bitcoins through the ATM, which never paid out digital currency. Said user mentions how a brief error message appeared on the Bitcoin ATM screen, which then disappeared. All of this took

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