One in Three Australians Knows About Bitcoin, Mobile Payments On The Rise

Gauging everyday people’s interest about Bitcoin and digital currency is not as easy as it may sound. Not just because most people on the street have absolutely no idea as to what Bitcoin is or does, but also because it’s hard to put those results into demographics and statistics. Australia-based Fair Go Finance recently conducted a Bitcoin survey during “The Future of Money”, and these are their findings.

Bitcoin is Relatively Known in AustraliaFair Go Finance Small

Conducting a Bitcoin survey during an event such as “The Future of Money” – which is attended by financial experts from all aspects of life – gives Fair Go Finance a proper idea of how much people know about this disruptive digital currency. And with 3,148 people completing this survey in April of this year, the results were made publicly available just a few days ago.

Keeping in mind all those statistics are representative of Australian citizens, 34% of the people who completed the Fair Go Finance survey have some knowledge about Bitcoin. As most of our readers will be aware, Australia has been the center of attention in terms of Bitcoin taxation in the past year. With

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