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OneHash was introduced back in 2014 during FIFA World Cup in Brazil as a userfriendly bitcoin betting platform made by and for sports and bitcoin enthusiasts. The design is very neat and its usability is undisturbed by unnecessary elements like adverts or banners. The way the platform works is really simple you choose your bet, place bitcoins and just wait for the match final result.

Since 2014, the platform developed significantly and a variety of new events, disciplines and contests have been added. Now you can place your bets on Formula 1, NBA PlayOffs, Copa Libertadores, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and even whole bunch of esports like DOTA2, League of Legends or Counter Strike to name a few. OneHash grows and it seems to be worth trying it out.

OneHash is a simple and modern bitcoin betting platform. It enables users to make mutual bets via the platform.
This means that all bitcoins circulate between bettors and belong to themselves. Such a solution ensures high credibility of OneHash as a betting provider. Moreover, dynamic betting course means that any bet has an actual impact on the course, which results in even more emotions during the game.

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