OnionDSL Sets Aim on Mass Surveillance

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The UK is right around the corner from one of the biggest government surveillance power expansions since Snowden, and one network specialist isn’t going to let that stop him from bringing privacy to the people.

Since the current UK Prime Minister, Theresa May championed the Investigatory Powers bill, or the Snooper’s Charter, will create a vast new legal army for mass surveillance for the government of the UK, making the programs discovered by Snowden, in fact legitimate. It also mandates that all Internet Service Providers must keep tabs on what they’re customers are doing online, handing over any of the collected data to law enforcement, per their request.

One man, Gareth Llewelyn, has taken it upon himself to fight back. He started building his own ISP that runs on the Tor Network. He wanted to design a system that will make it harder for the new surveillance measures to censor content, and comply with government requests for subscriber information.

Early last month at Hacker On Planet Earth, or HOPE, in New York; Llewelyn announced OnionDSL. It is his Tor based system designed specially for this one-man ISP, Brass Horn Communications. Llewelyn’s system prevents him from capturing any logs at all,

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