Online Chat about the Silk Road Judge Elicits Dept. of Justice Subpeona

The ending of the Silk Road trial, last month has many in the Bitcoin community in a state of outrage over the decision and the extent of the sentence handed down against creator Ross Ulbricht. The U.S. Federal Judge who presided over the case in New York was Katherine Forrest, who handed down a life sentence, and a “forfeiture” of over $183 million dollars by Ulbricht. Members of the frustrated Bitcoin community have taken to online forums to commiserate, vent and chat about the outcome.

What can you say, freely, online and about whom?

The rancor and conjecture have reached a fever pitch at the libertarian social website Some posters have some particularly harsh words for Forrest. Here are some the key examples, provided by

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Online commentary like this has drawn the ire of the Department of

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