Online Search Study Concludes Bitcoin Users Are Either Techies or Criminals

In a study conducted based on online searches, researchers concluded that bitcoin users are either tech enthusiasts or criminals. The data revealed that there was a strong correlation between computer programmers and bitcoin users, as well as criminal activity and bitcoin users.

The study was conducted by Aaron Yelowitz and Matthew Wilson of the Department of Economics in the University of Kentucky. The study also concluded that Libertarians and investment fields are not necessarily correlated to bitcoin usage or interest.

Common Bitcoin Search Terms

Since bitcoin can’t actually be linked to counterparties due to the anonymous nature of transactions, the researchers decided to make use of Google search terms to identify what kind of demographic the bitcoin users belong to. Of course, they also acknowledged that internet searches are not a definitive method of classifying bitcoin clientele but it was also supplemented by anecdotal evidence and existing research.

Search terms included all those listed under Bitcoin as a currency. This included variations such as ‘Bitcoins’, ‘Bitcoin Mining’, ‘Bit Coin’, ‘Bitcoin exchange’, ‘Bitcoin price’ and ‘Bitcoin value’ and were combined with those that were related to computer science as a discipline. The researchers also looked at results that contained terms ‘Silk Road’, ‘Free

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