Op Ed: Kubrick, Clemenceau, and Cryptocurrencies: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Digital Money

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One of the most serious challenges preventing widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency by the general public is the sense of unease most people experience when confronted with new ideas. And since the existing monetary system seems, at least on the surface, to meet that public’s current needs, most people are fearful of anything that might upset the status quo. As a result of that fear, new concepts like digital currency are often viewed with distrust.

Still, if history teaches us anything about societal changes, it is that the most radical shifts in the status quo are typically viewed with skepticism when they first begin to emerge. From the automobile to computers and the internet, each new major advance in modern life has struggled against the tide of history before finally gaining the recognition and acceptance needed to fundamentally improve our lives. One of those most recent advancements – the internet – should serve as a clear example of why we have no reason to

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