Op-Ed: Trump vs. Clinton: On Debt, Taxes and Bitcoin, Expect the Same…But Different

What would the impact be of a Trump or Clinton presidency on digital currencies? Politics, banking, and money are all related. Major changes in a country’s governance will have huge implications for monetary policy.


Trump is the King of Debt. He is no stranger to bankruptcy and financial leverage. His presidency would put America First, jeopardizing trade deals. He is attempting to pitch himself as a 21st century Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt is famous for the New Deal, which involved massive infrastructure spending. While FDR is credited by many for lifting America out of the Great Depression, in reality it is much easier to rebuild your economy when your trading partners are being Blitzkrieged.

During the recent debates, Trump promised to upgrade the America’s airports, roads, bridges — and walls. That costs a lot of money. Where will this money come from? Most likely Trump will engage in massive government spending and borrowing.

In the same debate, Trump voiced concerns that the Fed has not raised interest rates. He implied that the Fed has kept rates too low for too long, and that as a result a day of reckoning will occur. If Trump is to begin a massive round of infrastructure

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