Op-Ed: Trump vs. Clinton: On Debt, Taxes and Bitcoin, Expect a Same…But Different

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What would a impact be of a Trump or Clinton presidency on digital currencies? Politics, banking, and income are all related. Major changes in a country’s governance will have outrageous implications for financial policy.


Trump is a King of Debt. He is no foreigner to failure and financial leverage. His presidency would put America First, jeopardizing trade deals. He is attempting to representation himself as a 21st century Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt is famous for a New Deal, that concerned large infrastructure spending. While FDR is credited by many for lifting America out of a Great Depression, in existence it is most easier to reconstruct your economy when your trade partners are being Blitzkrieged.

During a new debates, Trump betrothed to ascent a America’s airports, roads, bridges — and walls. That costs a lot of money. Where will this income come from? Most expected Trump will rivet in large supervision spending and borrowing.

In a same debate, Trump uttered concerns that a Fed has not lifted seductiveness rates. He pragmatic that a Fed has kept rates too low for too long, and that as a outcome a day of tab will occur. If Trump is to start a large turn of infrastructure

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