Open Letter to Those Still Debating about Block Size

The Bitcoin community is currently torn between multiple BIPs and there has been no consensus, especially among the miner groups with regard to changes to block size. The launch of Bitcoin XT along with BIP 101 and the previous BIP 100 have received mixed reception so far. The bitcoin core group seems have had it enough of these debates

A group of bitcoin core developers and contributors of about 30 in number have written an open letter addressing the bitcoin community. While this is a formal communication by these core contributors on the subject of reaching technical consensus for bitcoin scalability one can imagine them saying “Enough of this $#!+, pull yourselves together and come to a decision.”

This open letter is the result of weeks of heated debate on whether the block size has to be increased or not and who’s going to support which BIP. At present, the block size is limited to 1 MB and there are two proposals floating in the ether. BIP 101 proposed by Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn of Bitcoin XT where they press for an 8 MB block size which will be doubled every two years and there is BIP 100 Jeff Garzik which allows bitcoin mining pools to vote for an increase or decrease in block size.

Some of the signatories of this open letter include Wladimir van der Laan, currently in charge of the Bitcoin Core, Pieter Wuille (the co-founder of Blockstream), Peter Todd (a tree chains developer) and Charlie Lee (Creator of litecoin). They claim that the ever elusive Satoshi Nakamoto had originally intended the bitcoin code to be constantly upgraded by adopting a review and co-operate process. The core group has so far managed 50 bitcoin releases and reviews over 45 formal proposals to keep the network updated in terms of performance, reliability and security.

The open letter also requests the community to propose alternative versions of bitcoin network. Also included is an open invite for developers and contributors to core bitcoin network to attend two open Scaling Bitcoin workshops to be held in Montreal on 12th and 13th of this month, and at Hong Kong in December.

Now let’s hope that this open letter will put some sense into everyone involved in the debate and come to a consensus, no matter what it is.




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