Open Website Found Selling Stolen Bank Details For Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often associated with illegal activity on the Internet, even though this does not make the digital currency more suited for criminal purposes compared to bank transfers or cash payments. Hackers target financial institutions and online shopping platforms in an attempt to breach their databases. Bank records of over one million consumers can be bought on the Internet for next to nothing. Bitcoin is among the accepted payment methods, although the bigger problem is how lackluster data protection allows for these breaches to take place.

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Credit Card Information For Sale

Cybersecurity is becoming a key point of focus for nearly any business in the world today, as hackers are becoming far more aggressive when it comes to breaching databases and stealing consumer details. When those details are sold on the internet – publicly, not on the dark web – things go from bad to worse in a heartbeat.

Debit and credit card data is a prime target for hackers, as there is a growing demand in the criminal circuit for this type of information. This is particularly the case if hackers manage to obtain more sensitive information as well, including

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