OpenBazaar 2.0 To Run On The Tor Network

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In the upcoming version 2.0, OpenBazaar will be able to connect over the Tor network. For the privacy conscious, lack of Tor support is one of the major drawbacks to the OpenBazaar protocol.

Brian Hoffman, the CEO of OpenBazaar, enthusiastically confirmed that a OpenBazaar will be running on Tor. A back end developer, Chris Pacia, was the first to successfully accomplish this on the pre-release update.

In a Reddit comment, OpenBazaar developer Sam Patterson goes into detail on the Tor-related progress. He says “This is possible because we are switching to IPFS for 2.0, which is compatible with Tor, unlike the current 1.0 build.” Many initially believed that Tor support was not an option in OpenBazaar for PR purposes, but developers explained otherwise. OpenBazaar v1.0 was built on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) whereas Tor was built on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Tor interconnectivity was therefore impossible.

Patterson gives no estimation for when we will see Tor support or v2.0. He writes “This is still early and not ready for use, but it appears it will be possible once 2.0 is launched. It’s still months out (we aren’t giving timelines) but

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