Opinion: Is BitfinexLawsuit.com Legit?

The recent hacking incident involving Bitfinex and the damage control measures taken by the exchange is already well-known. As the company continues to investigate the incident, a legal team seems to be preparing itself to file a class action lawsuit against the company.

A website BitfinexLawsuit.com is inviting all Bitfinex customers to join hands and fight against the cryptocurrency exchange. Soon after the hacking incident, Bitfinex reported that 119, 756 bitcoins were stolen by the hackers. The cryptocurrency platform later announced that it will be generalizing the losses across all its customers, forcing them to part with about 36 percent of their holdings in Bitfinex accounts. In return, the platform issued an equivalent of BFX tokens with a promise to compensate for their losses on a later date.

Bitfinex has announced that it will either buy back the BFX tokens or allocate an equivalent in shares. However, the absence of a concrete timeline has left many customers disgruntled. BitfinexLawsuit.com is targeting these customers with a promise to recover 100 percent of the funds from the exchange. The website claims to have a team of expert lawyers, consultants and security specialists in place who will be assisting in filing a class action lawsuit against Bitfinex. Further, the website also claims to have teams distributed across Los Angeles, New York, London and Hong Kong.

Apart from mentioning these locations, the website doesn’t offer any information about the team members or affiliations to legal firms. While the website lists two addresses for Los Angeles and London offices respectively, the former is not precise enough and the latter points to a virtual office. Few people have also reported that the calls made to mentioned numbers are directed to voicemail.

bitfinexlawsuit twitter

bitfinexlawsuit twitter

Users on social media have already expressed concerns about the legitimacy of BitfinexLawsuit.com. Some believe that it is just a scam to collect user information to generate mailing lists for phishing attacks. In addition to the lack of transparency, the social media channels and Slack group connected to the website don’t look promising either.

BitfinexLawsuit.com seems to have failed a simple background check as there is nothing connected to the website or people associated with the website which goes beyond August 2016. As promising as it may seem, it is advisable to personally verify the credibility of the platform before divulging any personal information.

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