Opposition to bitcoin isn’t unique. We’ve seen this before — with a happy ending

Over the weekend, I found myself watching “Tesla: Master of Lightning,” a PBS production streaming on Netflix. From the story of Nikola Tesla, I saw parallels between his invention, alternating current (AC), and what bitcoin has been experiencing for some time now.

On June 6, 1884, Tesla arrived in New York. The Serbian immigrant, who was from modern day Croatia, was thrilled to finally meet his hero, Thomas Edison, the renowned American inventor, who was the force behind direct current (DC).

Tesla could not wait to wow Edison with his alternating current discoveries. Up to that moment, many of the people he had explained the technology to, including his professors, had dismissed it.

He believed Edison, being heavily involved with the science of electricity, would not only understand how alternating current would change the world, but would also help him bring it to commercial use.

Edison did hire him, thanks to the letter of introduction from Charles Batchelor, a business associate of his in Europe. However, he would hear nothing of Tesla’s AC power system.

“My personal desire would be to prohibit entirely the use of alternating currents. They are unnecessary as they are dangerous,” Edison is quoted

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