OPSEC Fail: Ex-Judge Arrested In Online Impersonation Case

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Online impersonation is a crime in Texas, which is what former Judge Christoper Dupuy is being charged two counts of. In a case similar to that of Preston Alexander McWaters’, the 43 year old also has problems with handling rejection from women.

You see, Dupuy had known a woman – let’s call her Jane – for 20 years and had dated her for 6 years until she ended the relationship in August 2014 and decided to marry someone else. That marriage didn’t work out and Jane got a divorce. She had Dupuy represent her in the divorce proceedings in which he at one point asked her if they could be in a relationship together again. Jane declined and he was angered by this.

Dupuy began aggressively stalking her on Facebook and making comments about other men she interacted with, he also saved pictures and sent them to her with derogatory remarks. Jane put up with this until her divorce was finalized in November 2014 and cut off all contact and ignored him. She told the investigating officer, Scott Hardcastle, that Dupuy had been harassing her ever since they broke up in August 2014.

In December 2014, he graduated from Facebook harassment

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