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If we run a search on Google on forex broker frauds, the list will always be staggering. While at one end market is increasingly becoming more regulated, there are still many companies that are selling fiction in the name of online trading services. With trading itself being a complex subject in itself, the ongoing unethical practices are doing nothing but appending to traders’ losses.

There is a reason why a white collar forex broker like OptionsClick has always remained as a law-abiding, transparent trading platform. It knows the growing risks inside the forex brokerage market, and how they usually prey on uninformed and novice traders. It also understands the doubts faced by every online trader out there, and therefore prefers to prove itself worthy before its potential client-base.

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OptionsClick is a brand name of Lead Capital Markets Ltd. and has been in business since 2009. Ever since its inception, the forex brokerage firm has served over 100,000 international clients. It has been further reviewed greatly by some of the most toughest forex traders and critics. But does it still make OptionsClick a reliable platform? Let’s check out!


Having a regulated forex broker safeguards your rights as a forex client; it saves you from malpractices and other insolvency issues. Therefore, it is always an appealing choice for traders to always run a background check on the status of their brokers’ license.

OptionsClick is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), a financial regulatory agency which is a part of the European MiFID regulations. Known for its client-friendly approach, the agency protects traders from malpractices performed at the brokers’ end. While OptionsClick is not counted among the vexatious ones, its clients are still protected should the forex broker turns to malpractices.

“A regulated broker like OptionsClick® must follow strict protocol in order to remain compliant under CySEC and MIFID directives,” the website stated. “This means following best practice across investor code of conduct, maintaining transparency and a level of capitalization to ensure that traders are well protected.”

It is clear that OptionsClick is more sort of a broker that is morally-obliged to serve its clients with utmost transparency and security – like it has done all these years.

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