Outlaw Market now accessible via I2P (and XMPP)

Outlaw Market now accessible via I2P (and XMPP), as the admin announced:

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– From now on Outlaw Market is accessible via I2P:
outlaw.i2p / 56l4jkqg4b4au4drbyh2k6d6qrc3xi4ird2gfu5bjx7hmyrya.b32.i2p.
I’ll ask the subreddit mods to add this link to the superlist,
so there’s no doubt that it’s an official link.

For the Tails users, you can easily access the I2P network by pressing TAB
in your Tails boot menu, then pressing space, type in “i2p” and hit enter.
Once you’re logged in, go to applications — internet — i2p browser.
Whether you use i2p or TOR is up to your own preference.
TOR and i2p both have their up and downsides,
Outlaw just offers you the possibility to choose between them.

We also recently set up an XMPP server. All our users can register themselves
at our server in their profile. Vendors can even register two accounts,
one for their username and one for their vendorname.
We hope that this extra feature will result in an even increased community-feeling,
and for the quickest support of general questions. Vendors can also chat with
customers, and customers can chat with each other about vendors etc.
All info-sensitive questions should still go trough

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