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One of the oldest markets, Outlaw market has just been updated to a new version with new features, unfortunately new UI is not one of them, as the admins told DeepDotWeb:

Although we haven’t been able to finish our UI yet, we do have uploaded our v5 of the market. Quite some invisible backend updates, and more added features. This text will be shown shortly, and should you also give an update of our newest things!

Our UI is still being worked on. The good thing about operating a market on the long term is that there’s no haste required… 😉

And these are the updates:

Hi all!

Outlaw is proud to announce our newest software upgrade to version 5! This upgrade includes quite some new features, and is now able to host an advanced system for wholesalers and their customers!

A short overview of the newest things:

No order-fees anymore

Outlaw has quit taking fees for every order. Although returning customers could already set their own fee, we have now completely abandoned this. The only fees now taken by the market is some sort of income-tax. This means that every BTC that is NOT funded by a transfer from a BTC account to

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