Overstock unveils blockchain equity trade platform

Overstock denounced an considerable square of record on Tuesday (4th): a blockchain-based trade platform.

Overstock was already a vital actor in the Bitcoin community, being one of a initial global companies to accept cryptocurrency for purchases. Now a association has denounced a long-awaited equity trade platform.

patrick byrne overstock

Patrick Byrne

The infrequently named ‘tØ’ platform, that is conspicuous “tee-zero”, could potentially change a trade industry. Patrick Byrne denounced a trade height during a NASDAQ batch sell domicile in New York yesterday.

The platform, initial announced in 2014, will concede for a trade of open and private equities via instantaneous transactions. Byrne believes that a record could revoke 80 to 90 percent of systemic costs since settlement now creates up most of a altogether costs.

If his predictions are proven true, the new height could potentially interrupt a whole tellurian financial system, ushering in a new epoch of secure and low-cost trading.

Overstock has denounced a long-a­waited equity trade p­latfor­m named tØ. The association skeleton to co­mplete­ly change a industry.

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Byrne has already announced a partnership to exam a height with a Industrial and

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