Overstock’s TØ Platform is Reinventing Wall Street


Imagine a world where any business or company could go public without the excessive and often unfair costs involved. A place where the stock market did not control the future of our children and fluctuate our daily expenses based on nothing more than a few personal gains. These gains owned by few who — through the use of the media and internal conversations — manipulate the future of our global wealth. Wealth that could be brought back to the original owners, us, the people.

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What if we had regulations that would protect us from such a thing? Would you believe those regulations to be sufficient in guarding our financial safety against such depicted predators? Well, it would seem that history and research portrays a different agenda. An agenda that blinds the average person whilst limiting their reach, on the other hand, a few are given a right of passage to circumvent such regulations or manipulate them for personal gains, leaving no space for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Story of Deep Capture


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