OYO Rooms Decentralizes Hotel Bookings in India

The decentralization revolution is in full effect, and more and more companies are starting to see the benefits of providing such a service. OYO Rooms is an India-based hotel service that wants to decentralize the way customers book hotel rooms around the world. Necessary hotel features, such as Free WiFi and breakfast, are included in every result.

OYO Rooms – Standardizing Budget Hotel Accommodations in IndiaOYO Rooms Logo

When someone talks about travelling to India, the topic where they will be staying always comes up at some point during the conversation. After all, India is not exactly known for its luxurious hotels, other than in the major cities.  A little known fact is that most of the country’s budget hotel accommodations will provide everything a tourist or traveller needs.

However, there are so many different hotel offerings that it becomes hard to make an educated and well-informed decision. This is where OYO Rooms comes in, as the company plans to streamline the budget hotel booking process in major fashion.  Additionally, OYO Rooms will put their stamp of quality on all participating hotels, a great tool for smaller hotels to become better-known brands in India.


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