Pakistan’s Invasive Cyber Crime Bill to be Passed by Senate

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The Electronic Crime Bill 2016, one of the most controversial documents ever proposed in Pakistan, is likely to be approved by senate next week, TechJuice writes. The bill has faced massive amounts of criticism both inside and out of Pakistan’s borders for making actions such as sending a text message – without explicit permission from the receiver – illegal.

Once the bill had forcibly been introduced in 2015, the controversy surrounding the changes grew nationwide. Even members of the government led sub-committee that was organized to analyze the bill claim they were kept out of the loop and the bill was based on a piece of a rough draft. It thankfully went through an amendment process. However, in the current form of the bill, over 100 amendments had been proposed and the house rejected 63 of those but did budge on the remaining 39. Most of the changes were related to fines and prison sentences, not the privacy violations.

Since the bill is set to expire on the week of August 18th, 2016, the Senate is expected to vote to pass it before the 30th of July.

The “Electronic Crime Bill 2016,” as it’s officially called, is set to change the

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