PAY.ON Enters into a Partnership with Bitnet to Go Global

PAY.ON, a Munich based German bitcoin payment solutions provider has struck a deal with Bitnet which is an enterprise level payment services provider to simplify bitcoin payments across the world. The strategic partnership between these two firms will allow them to expand their reach across the world by enabling payment service providers across the world to accept bitcoin payments.

Bitnet is an enterprise level digital currency payment processor catering to businesses across the globe, whereas PAY.ON creates white labelled payment gateway solutions for payment service providers like Bitnet, ISOs and acquirers who outsource their payment processing requirements. Bitnet’s reach combined with PAY.ONs products will make this partnership worthwhile as both the parties will be leveraging upon each other’s strengths to offer a complete digital currency payment solution to the clients. Payment service providers can now use PAY.ON’s RESTful API based payment platform to offer bitcoin as an additional payment method on their payment gateways.

According to the CEO and founder of PAY.ON Markus Rinderer, both PAY.ON and Bitnet are built using industry leading payment processing technology and they have the same fundamental principle which makes this partnership more meaningful. These RESTful APIs provided by

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