Pay To Skip: A New Model Aiming To Disrupt Advertising


How many times a day do you get bombarded by advertisements while watching TV, browsing the web, or listening to the radio? As consumers, we are increasingly exposed to ads across all of our media devices. They are not just unwanted, most often they are also irrelevant. The Blockchain Innovation Group (BIG) aims to alleviate this nuisance through digital currency and blockchain technology. 

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About the Service


YoutubePay To Skip is a decentralized application of the blockchain, or “DAPP,” used by an internet-connected device. The service will allow users to mute, fast-forward, buffer or skip audio or video ads by leveraging pre-paid digital tokens and digital frame filter tags. Digital tokens in the form of bitcoin or other digital currency could be used in this concept.

Bob Bonomo, CEO of Blockchain Innovation Group, is the think-tank behind Pay To Skip. Patent pending, Pay To Skip would allow users to pay a fee to block, skip, or filter ads by interests across all devices. Bonomo

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