Pay Your Future Lawyer With Bitcoin

New services that accept Bitcoin payments are always exciting, as it goes to show how many people and companies are eyeing Bitcoin closely.  It is the first time an online lawyer directory decides to accept Bitcoin payments, though.  This is especially interesting considering the directory offers a 10% discount for all of its members paying in Bitcoin. – The Online Lawyer Directory BTC

People often wonder how lawyers remain up to date regarding all of the legislative and regulatory changes around the world.  While most lawyers attend conferences and workshops regarding the most important changes, having an online directory at their disposal helps as well. is that directory, which charges its members a monthly fee for accessing their vast database of critical information.

The website is now six years old – putting it on par with Bitcoin – and the main purpose is matching people looking for lawyers with the directory’s member database.  Using the service as a lawyer costs between US$99 and US$299 per month, albeit there will be a 10% discount if membership fees are paid or renewed with a Bitcoin payment.

During the month of July, experimented with Bitcoin payment before making its official decision on whether or not it would remain a payment option.  All Bitcoin payments are processed by Stripe, a popular payment processor for traditional card payments, as well as BTC transactions.

“We have an emerging group of very tech-savvy lawyers.  We think bitcoin could appeal to them in building their practices.  Bitcoin is going to be mainstream five years from now.  We’d like to be the leader today.  Bitcoin transactions reduce our costs, improve transaction speed and provide full billing transparency.  In return, we can offer our services at significant savings.” – CEO Gerry Gorman told the media.

It has to be said, however, that’s parent company – World Media Group – has kept a close eye on the Bitcoin world since early 2013.  At that time, World Media Group accumulated a “hefty” amount of bitcoins and even purchased some mining hardware to further their Bitcoin supply.

Bitcoin Adoption Is Inching Closer Every DayStripe logo

While there are people out there who worry it is too late to join the Bitcoin revolution, there is no better entry point than right now. Both everyday consumers and business are keeping an eye on what Bitcoin is doing and how the regulatory framework is unfolding.  The world of finance is on the brink of changing for good, and everyone wants to be a part of it the moment it happens.

Whether or not this means Bitcoin will be used as a payment method on a global level, remains to be seen.  Industry experts see a bright future for the underlying blockchain technology, which can operate with or without Bitcoin.  However, once blockchain technology is adopted, Bitcoin will not be far behind in terms of the financial vehicle to be used in conjunction with this new and disruptive technology.

“Bitcoins will account for $20 billion in payments in 2015 and the number of user wallets has doubled to 10 million worldwide in the last year.  We are always looking for ways to deliver more value to our members, and Bitcoins are an exciting and fun way to do so.” – CEO Gerry Gorman concluded.

Source: Press Release via Email

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